News you can use: You are not always at fault when you hit someone from the rear

Car Fault video

When this articulate, bright, and warm woman first contacted Fleming Law about her car accident injuries, she worried about the fact that she was the driver who was behind the negligent driver.  Everyone knows that the driver in a motor vehicle collision who is in the rear is immediately determined at fault. Do you think that’s how…

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Dangerous crosswalk for pedestrians: Roosevelt protected bike lane

Traffic Fatality Trends 2004-2017 graph

Seattle recently reported its new and improved proactive approach to pedestrian safety (to use FHWA’s language.  Below are excerpts of a 2020 City of Seattle Dept. of Transportation (SDOT) report: …the number of overall traffic-related fatalities continues to trend downward. However, pedestrian and cyclist crashes have remained relatively steady. To meetthe growing demand while improving safety, the City…

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