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Catherine Fleming has obtained record results for personal injury clients. Her fierce advocacy for safer roads in Seattle have made history and helped shape the law in Washington State. ​

Clients seriously injured while riding a bike, walking, or driving, have obtained top settlements/verdicts with Catherine Fleming as their champion.

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Each Client Has A Unique Story

Each clients’ individual story fuels attorney Catherine Fleming’s relentless fight for justice. Below are just a few examples of how Catherine has helped her clients whose lives were changed forever by negligence. Contact Fleming Law now for the BEST possible result. The more you delay, the more issues you unknowingly create that hurt your case.

Injured Bicyclist – $1,750,000

July 20, 2022

Adam was bicycling to his job in South Lake Union, when a small commercial truck failed to see him when making a right turn. Adam was awarded a $1,750,000 settlement, less than 30 days before trial was set to start.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death – Confidential Settlement

July 20, 2022

Estate of Katsel v. The Best Quality Care, Inc. Inna Katsel, a beloved 83 year old Ukrainian immigrant, fell to her death as a resident at a nursing facility. Fleming Law obtained a confidential settlement for the surviving beneficiaries. Inna Katsel’s life was cut too short. Inna Katsel’s family was one of the most beautiful…

Serious Car Crash Injures Both Driver And Passenger

July 20, 2022

This claim involved a motor vehicle accident settlement with negligent driver and clients’ Underinsured Motorists (UIM) insurance. Charles and Manuel were driving on a quiet road in Issaquah, when suddenly an oncoming SUV crashed into their car. Both sustained injuries but never expected the size of the settlement that Fleming Law obtained for them.

Confidential Pedestrian V. Car – $490,000

July 20, 2022

Seattle software developer was walking to his job, when a car hit him near the Fremont Bridge. He lost weeks of work and time to enjoy with his family for the entire summer and fall of 2019. After the injured pedestrian was taken to the hospital, his family contacted Catherine Fleming to represent him. Although…

$1.55 Million Award For Injured Bicyclist – Ahrendt v. City Of Seattle

July 20, 2022

Daniel Ahrendt, a conscientious bicycle commuter and web developer, was run over by a bus after his front bike tire got caught in the Seattle First Hill Streetcar track. On a partly sunny May morning in Seattle, Daniel rode his bicycle to his job. He was always careful as a bicyclist, as his friends all…

City’s dangerous design caused serious injuries on Roosevelt Way NE in the University District Lawsuit Alleges

July 20, 2022

While Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) often invokes its commitment to pedestrian safety , the roughly $8 million, multi-year  Roosevelt Way NE project remains confusing and dangerous for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers in the University District. Learn More

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